Artist's Statement

A lot can be said in a single brushstroke. It has vitality. From the moment of its conception to the placement of its execution, the stroke becomes loaded. Not merely with paint or ink, but with gesture, emotion, color, and form all held within each mark. That is where the true artist’s statement lies. Every stroke is in relation to the whole. Not a single one is significant without the other; nothing is arbitrary.

I want the artist’s hand to be evident. There is no separation. There is power in the marks themselves as well as in the image they create. By doing so, neither distracts from the other, instead they co-exist in harmony. In the same way, the artist interacts with the viewer, the interpreter. I do not wish to remove that human element.

b. 1988 -USA


  • 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Illustration), Syracuse University
  • 2009 Study Abroad Program, Syracuse University in Florence
  • 2005 Moore College of Art and Design

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2010 Multi Plate Color Etching, The Swietlan Kraczyna Studio for Color Etching
  • 2010 BFA Candidate Senior Exhibitions, XL Projects
  • 2009 Spring Student Showcase, Syracuse University Florence Abroad
  • 2008 Explorations in Painting, Shaffer Art Building